About World Alumni Network (WAN®)

Lots of alumni networks, but they don’t work

Because it is not easy

Anyone can start a website. But creating a professional grade solution for thousands of users, keeping it that way all the time is not easy. And it’s not a small project either. Therefore, many colleges are finding it extremely difficult to create a state-of-the-art website for their alumni and maintain it by keeping up with new trends in the online technologies.

Require lots of resources

It is particularly challenging for any college to cope up with the website's demanding scalability, reliability, availability, usability, compatibility, modularity, simplicity, stability, sustainability, responsiveness, seamlessness, and importantly security in addition to several other matters such as hosting, maintenance, upgrades, and support.

To address all of the above, it requires adequate funding, dedicated team, multi-domain experts, industry experience, state-of-the-art skills and other resources.

Colleges have their hands full

The educational institutes have so many other things to take care, such as curriculum, teaching, tests, labs, exams, evaluation, results, and so on, which are often combined with the layers of administrative challenges, financial challenges, and many other internal and external hurdles. With all these issues the colleges do not get adequate opportunity to pay attention to the alumni network it deserves.

Resulting in dysfunctional, inadequate, or no alumni website

Thus, because of the difficulties involved, resources needed, and attention deserved, many of the colleges either do not create an alumni website or even if it is created, it is not brought up to the mark or not maintained properly over a period of time.

More such inadequate networks means simply more problems

If a person is alumni of multiple colleges, he or she may need to create separate accounts at each of the alumni website (that too if an alumni website exists for that college, works, and is maintained properly). This requires a joining/login process at each website. Further, each of such websites with their own type of user interface, information search, etc., complicating the alumni networking even more.

The WAN is different

The World Alumni Network (WAN), with Patent Pending technologies, is providing a unified solution to the challenges faced by colleges, institutions, students, faculty, and alumni. Proven technology experts, engineers, visionaries, inventors, investors, academicians, and industry experts are supporting the WAN to provide a dependable platform for every university, every college, every student, every faculty and every alumni.

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